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environmental mission

The Johnson Development Corp. has always been mindful of protecting the integrity of the natural environment throughout the developmental process. The Johnson Development Corp. works closely with environmental specialists to oversee ongoing projects—to identify streams, delineate wetlands, and identify endangered species of wildlife in the area such as the Cherokee Darter to make sure the streams the small fish inhabit will not be disturbed by future construction. By identifying the natural resources of the property within Lake Arrowhead and helping to prepare a master land plan for development sensitive to the surveyed and tested areas, the process will help protect the pristine 540-acre Lake Arrowhead and all the land surrounding it.


We Think Green!

To ensure the lasting beauty and environmental integrity of our beautiful 8,000 acre lake and woodland community, here are some ways we ‘think green.’

  • Preserve and protect 8,000 acres of pristine natural beauty, including our 540-acre spring-fed lake
  • Controlled motorboat use on the lake
  • Natural mulch lines, hiking trails, and roadways
  • When trees are removed, new trees are planted to continue the growth cycle of the forests
  • Water is pumped from the ground, sent to homes, then back into the ground
  • Lake Arrowhead operates on a well-fed water system; there is no septic
  • An on-site treatment plant pumps to the golf course and common areas—the only water loss is by evaporation
  • The golf course uses turf treatments and chemicals well below industry standards
  • Irrigation water is trapped and filtered before it flows into streams
  • Golf carts are energy efficient
  • New homes have native vegetation landscape plans and only non-invasive plants are utilized
  • The use of sod on front yards is limited



Have questions? Reach out to our development team to learn more about the environmental commitments of our community.