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hiking and jogging trails

The dynamic master plan of Lake Arrowhead includes an impressive trails system which meanders for 8+ miles along the lake’s dramatic shoreline, through the protected woodlands, along scenic creek beds, and over several lower lying ridges. The trails are great for walking, running, or hiking.

From certain vantage points along the trail, views of the lake are magnificent. This trails system includes an array of unique paths and spurs giving hikers and runners a variety of opportunities to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that is so much a part of Lake Arrowhead.

Please contact our Property Manager, Greg Cantrell gcantrell@lakearrowheadga.com with any questions regarding the trail system and map.
Our system of trails includes:

The Lake Shore Trail; 1.9 miles
The Flat Rock Trail; 1 miles
The Wilderness Trail;  1.4 miles


Tour Our oTher Amenities

In addition to the network of hiking trails surrounding Lake Arrowhead, many on-site amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and more are available to residents.