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lake arrowhead history

The scenic lands comprising Lake Arrowhead were originally at the heart of the native Cherokee Indian nation. The Cherokee were a highly civilized and peaceful people who farmed and hunted in these rolling woodlands. The Cherokee were among the first tribe to have a written language and were highly literate for the times. Their unfortunate forced exile in 1838 from their ancestral lands, known as the ‘Trail of Tears,’ is truly a black mark on American history.

In 1856, John B. Puckett, a probate judge from Canton, GA, purchased much of the valley comprising Lake Arrowhead. A plantation was created and known as Lost Town, named after the original Cherokee settlement. John and Jane Puckett built a sizeable home on the land. The Cherokee County tax records of 1878 valued the home real estate at $3,000. No other home in the district was so valuable or so well endowed. Today, only a chimney remains of the Puckett home which lies at the bottom of the lake just off the shoreline. The Puckett family cemetery has been protected and occupies two acres within the Lake Arrowhead community.


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